Annie’s Kitchen

Comfort Food.  Just what is Comfort Food?

It not only warms your heart but also your tummy as you wipe those last bits of biscuit crumbs off your bottom lip; after absorbing any signs of gravy off your plate.  Comfort food bring back memories of Mother lovingly putting family favorites together for Sunday Dinner. They bring back to mind the wonderful aromas simmering on the stove or how about that roast of beef and all its deliciousness seeping it’s fragrance through the oven door when Mother checks for doneness and gives it the final basting? Finally…Comfort Food means family…luxuriating around the dining rom table full and content after a big meal.

Annie’s Kitchen can provide this on an individual basis for only $10 each entre. Larger orders can be configured and delivery charges are dropped in this instance.  I will cook one of the meals if $30 worth of food is ordered.